How can a microloan help a self-employed person?

How a microloan can help a freelancer

How can a microloan help a self-employed person?

Are you autonomous ? Do you know what it is like to have irregular income due to job instability and that they do not give you credit in banks? Do you have a small business and find yourself in an economic hurry? Do you have to renew any appliance in your restaurant? Have you broken any of the machines in your workshop? If you are autonomous and you are in any of the above circumstances, do not worry everything has a solution, the microloans have come to help you .

If you have not heard of them yet, we explain what microcredits are : small credits , ranging from € 50 to € 900, and quick repayment (30 days) offered by small private financial entities such as Vivus. .

This type of credits are quick concession , in less than 15 minutes they inform you of their acceptance or denial, and easy to perform , since they can be contracted 365 days a year with an Internet connection.

Also, keep in mind that when you ask for a quick microloan they will not ask you for explanations of what you want the money for, nor for endorsements or payrolls .

In this sense, this type of financing is ideal for the self-employed, since before your labor and financial instability, the microloans can become an aid to get out of the hole and keep the business .

In this way, microcredits can help the self-employed in the following cases of lack of financing:

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